Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)

Our Solicitors, in conjunction with our dedicated VOCAT Clerk, handle Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal matters, more commonly known as VOCAT matters.

VOCAT is a Victorian Government initiative which was set up to assist victims of crime recover from an act of violence by granting financial assistance to help with counselling expenses, medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss/damage to clothing and other expenses. In addition, Special Financial Assistance (a monetary value) can be provided to certain victims.

If you are eligible, our solicitors will assist you to lodge an Application for Assistance with the Tribunal. If you suffered from an act of violence outside of the Tribunals required two year time limit, our solicitors can assist with lodging an application for an extension of time so that you may still receive assistance.

During the process of lodging your application, we will assist you as to the documents required by the Tribunal and will liaise with other involved parties, including counsellors on you behalf. We will file your Statement of Claim and supporting documents with the Tribunal.

Your matter will then be determined by a Magistrate. Some matters can be determined without a Hearing, and you will not be required to attend Court. In the event that a Hearing is ordered, a representative of our office will attend either on your behalf or with you if your attendance is required.

There are no costs to you for these services; our legal fees are paid directly by the Tribunal.