“I want a divorce” – What Next?

The breakdown of a marriage can result in anxiety and uncertainty about the future. The decision to take the next step and apply for a divorce is one of the most difficult decisions individuals and couples are faced with in the separation process. We understand that the divorce process can be time consuming and difficult […]

Your pre-separation checklist

Going through family separation can be an overwhelming experience.  There are many things to consider which you are likely unaware of. If you have separated or are considering separation, we suggest you obtain legal advice to know your rights and obligations. You can book a free initial consultation with Hartleys Lawyers at an office near […]

Resolving your Intervention Order matter

The breakdown of a relationship between partners, family members, friends or neighbours can result in volatile and acrimonious disputes.  These disputes can sometimes lead to intimidation, or to the threat or actual use of violence to a person or a child.  Following an incident of this nature, one person may seek the help of Victoria […]