Conveyancing is the legal process whereby the ownership of property is transferred from one person or entity to another. Whether you are purchasing or selling a property our solicitors will provide experienced conveyancing to assist with your property transaction.

Selling a property

When you sell a property you are required to give to the purchaser a written statement – a section 32 Vendors Statement – containing information about various property inquiries, rates and certificates. Our solicitors can draw a necessary section 32 Statement for the sale of your property. We can further assist with preparing Auction Contract and/or private treaty contracts to ensure a stress free sale.

Purchasing a property

When you purchase a property you will be provided with a Contract of Sale and section 32 Vendors Statement. Our solicitors are able to undertake various property enquiries and, if required, advise you as to the terms of the Contract of Sale.

If necessary, we will assist you to seek an extension of time to finalise your property transaction, for instance if you require additional time to obtain finance. In some circumstances, we may be able to assist you to withdraw from the Contract of Sale prior to your contract becoming unconditional.

During the process of selling or purchasing your property we are able assist you with obtaining any necessary documents required to complete the transaction. We may also liaise with other involved parties, like the Banks, on you behalf when required.

Our legal fees, including attendance at standard Settlement are included in a lump sum fee. If you are selling a property we are usually able to be paid at Settlement and no up front fees are required.