Over 20 Years of Law
in Melbourne

Our History

Hartleys Lawyers was initially established in Deer Park, in 2001 by Principal Peter Love. From the beginning, Hartleys Lawyers has been dedicated to providing access to quality legal representation closer to home. Though the location may since have changed and expanded beyond the western suburbs, that dedication to service has not.

Now primarily located in Sunshine and Fitzroy, with a myriad of locations across Melbourne’s suburbs, and even an office in Adelaide, the expansion does not stop at infrastructure. Our team of dedicated and experienced solicitors have diverse backgrounds and skills and have worked together to expand the practice areas of Hartleys Lawyers to offer assistance with Wills and Estates, Criminal matters, Conveyancing, and more.

Our Approach to Family Law

At Hartleys Lawyers, we understand that much like every family is different, so is every family law matter. Each comes with its own complications and unique circumstances. We know that family law disputes are not limited to children, property, and divorce – they also include the emotions and personal elements of everyone involved. We believe that these difficult matters require an approach that recognises their complexity, and we are dedicated to finding the resolution method best suited for you.

Our Commitment
To Community

From the first day of operation, Hartleys Lawyers has represented not only privately funded matters, but also those with government assisted legal aid. Despite funding cuts and access restrictions limiting the matters which are eligible for legal aid funding, we continue to represent those we can who are in receipt of government assisted grants.

Our dedicated legal aid team are committed to providing the highest calibre of support from the very first steps – assisting with the application process to receive legal aid – right through to the finalisation of your matter.

As well as this, Hartleys Lawyers have several solicitors who are trained to act as Independent Children’s Lawyers. This role is appointed by the court and has the solicitor act independently of parents or other parties involved, focusing on what is in the best interest of the child or children involved.

Hartleys Lawyers also has a dedicated VOCAT clerk who works in conjunction with our solicitors to assist victims of crime in Victoria to complete an application to the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal, helping to achieve the best outcome possible.