It takes a Village – how our team will guide you through your Family Law matter

The Team at Hartleys Lawyers comprises a range of professionals with varying experience and expertise. From our receptionists to our paralegals and accounts to our solicitors, each member of the team brings something critical and diverse to the delivery of your legal service.

During your time as a client at Hartleys Lawyers you might be surprised to know that multiple people within our office will conduct work on your matter, not just your specific solicitor. This is exemplary of our team approach.

Your first point of contact with Hartleys Lawyers will be with our diary manager. They will conduct an intake interview and assess your matter for urgency, complexity and suitability to our solicitors. You will then be offered an obligation free first interview with the solicitor best suited to assist you with your legal matter.

This is the first, but not the last, interaction that you will have with our support staff. Our support staff are here to assist our solicitors and perform the administrative functions of the firm. This includes, taking phone queries with regard to client files, drafting correspondence and documents, liaising with barristers and attending settlements. Also coming under this umbrella is our financial team. They can handle anything from your monthly bill to facilitating you receiving settlement monies. The advantages of having skilled support staff are vital to our clients as often support staff can complete lower end task to a high standard at low cost to our client. Our support staff will be involved in your matter from start to finish.

Our team of solicitors perform a wide range of legal work. It is often said at Hartleys that our lawyers are always in for the fight, no matter is too difficult or complex. Rarely briefing our appearances to barristers, our solicitors are experienced advocates that will guide you through the court or negotiation process. They will work with you to take instructions, answer your queries, draft correspondence, draft court documents and appear at court. In addition to court work, our solicitors work closely with the Principal and support staff to deliver you the best possible end result. It is often the case that more senior solicitors will delegate the more ‘straight forward’ work down to the more junior solicitors to complete. Not only is this more cost effective for our clients, it also allows us to train the next generation of Hartleys recruits.

Our Principal is an active member of our firm, supervising any and all matters ranging from obscure family law concepts to conveyancing.

As you can see, there are many cogs in the Hartleys wheel, each vitally important to delivering you the well rounded legal service that we are renowned for. It is important that our clients feel they have the support of the whole firm behind them throughout the course of their matter.

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